Mansard Loft Conversions In Manchester

​​One of the most popular growing loft conversion trends within the city of Manchester are mansard conversions. Here at Manchester Loft Converters, we are often tasked to complete various projects around the city of Manchester and the surrounding areas, and we have noticed an overall increase of mansard loft conversions. The reason they are becoming such a popular option for home owners who want to convert their loft is because of the large amount of space they can provide you. A mansard conversion can be considered an additional extension within your home if you decide to get a larger version, since they are able to span most of any floor within your home. They are also popular for home owners who have a variety of different rooms they wish to add within their home, and do not have the space requirements on the sides of their home to do so.

Unique mansard loft conversion in Manchester

One of the more unique mansard conversions that we have completed at Manchester Loft Converters was a three-room mansard that consisted of an entertainment room, sauna and steam room. Because of the unique construction of the sauna and steam rooms and the harm that they could provide items and the overall integrity of your home, we had to be very attentive towards the construction process. The steam and vapour that is created specifically by the steam room makes the ‘Spa’ themed rooms difficult to use often. Using the steam room too often without proper safety precautions around the room can cause moulding and long-term damage to other items within the loft space. That is why the construction must ensure all steam is safely confined.

The construction of the steam room was therefore an integral part of the loft conversion process. The most important part of the construction to the steam room was filling the filing and any possible leakage as much as we could. Since the filtration system and steam humidifier naturally has leaks, we also had to make sure any escaped steam was funnelled directly outside of the loft of the home without creeping into the structure. As complicated as this may sound, using tubing and other structures this was a very simple funnel. With the coupling of ensuring all tiles and additional features were filled as much as possible, most of possible leaking had already been blocked.

Important things to think about during the conversion

The last part of this process was ensuring that steam couldn’t escape through the door frames of the steam room. This was also relatively simple, using rubber and soft materials under the bottom of the door and top of the door frame to ensure it can still be locked without damaging the floor. It also meant enough space had been blocked to ensure that the steam couldn’t escape through the sides of the door. This made the steam room itself more practical and effective to use, while also protecting the home itself from any possible damage over a sustained period.

The sauna was a relatively simple build, since once the space had been converted we were able to build and construct the sauna without issue. The sauna does not cause steam to surround the room unlike a steam room, and there is very little possible damage over time. We had very little concern regarding the indirect impact that the sauna could create for both the home and the loft itself. However, if it is constructed incorrectly then you can severely damage both your home and your loft. That is why we ensured to follow the correct procedure which unfortunately is time consuming compared to other room types.

We believe Manchester Loft Converters offer the best loft conversions in Manchester. No matter what type of loft conversion we are tasked to construct, we can complete any project of the highest quality. That is why I feel that if you ever need a loft conversion in the Manchester area, then we are the best Manchester loft conversion company for you. I hope you enjoyed this blog post, and please look at our last one too about hip to gable conversions in Manchester!

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