Here at Manchester Loft Converters, we provide many different loft conversion services for our customers. From hip to gable conversions and even basement conversions, we feel like we have gained enough experience to become Manchester’s best and brightest conversion company. One of the loft conversion styles that we can do effectively here is a mansard loft conversion. While other loft conversions such as hip to gable requires working around your space and very minimal amounts of construction, the mansard loft conversion is the opposite. Although they require the most resources and time dedicated, a mansard loft conversion is often the biggest, creating a huge amount of living space within the top of your home. This can be with a detached or semidetached property, but we can even do this on a terraced home.

​We can convert lofts into mansard conversion in areas such as Trafford, Moston, Pendlebury, Swinton, Eccles, Droylsden, Rusholme, Burnage, Salford, Failsworth, Cheetham Hill, Stretford, Prestwich, Withington and many others around the area.


Why choose a Mansard loft conversion?

Mansard loft extensions are unique in that they are not just converting your loft, but rather building an entire section into your loft for added space. Usually, either on the front or the back of your property we would build an entire new section to your roof depending on what you need for us to do. With this added section, it will give us anywhere from 30-70% of extra space depending on the shape and size of your roof and extension. With this loft conversion, we would simply have the roof connect flatly to the conversion and add windows within (if you would like) to match the windows of the rest of your home. You have probably seen many mansard loft conversions and not realised what they are.

The mansard loft conversion is the most expensive and the longest to build compared to the other conversion alternatives. The reason for this is the added cost of materials and labour for the size difference. Because a mansard loft conversion is more of a roof extension than a conversion, it required much more resources to do both safely and efficiently. This means that it requires more work than other loft conversions do.

​But with this added cost and time is the added benefit of property values and uses. Even though the mansard loft conversion is more expensive and more time consuming, because it adds such a large size of living space within your home and so many options to do with it, the costs come back highly.

Manchester Loft Conversion - Mansard Loft Conversion Manchester
Manchester Loft Conversion - Mansard loft conversions Manchester

Cost of a Mansard loft conversion in Manchester

At Manchester Loft Converters, we consistently complete many different loft conversions within the Manchester and surrounding areas. The largest of the loft conversions available is a mansard loft conversion, which is becoming increasingly popular within the area of Manchester because of the amount of additional space it could provide home owners. Another popular component of mansard loft conversions is the versatility that it can provide home owners, allowing them to add a significant amount of rooms within your home. Mansard loft conversions are also very suitable for home owners within the Manchester area due to the design of residential properties within the area. Since they are majorly detached and have a lot of space within the back of their home, they could extend outwards without risk of boundary issues with neighbours.

The average cost of a mansard loft conversion in the city of Manchester is £34,500 from the start of planning to the end of the construction phase. The general cost of a mansard conversion however, could be anywhere from £30,000 - £50,000 if the size and scope of your project requires additional resources that the average mansard conversion does not require. The main factor for the overall budget and cost of mansard loft conversions are the raw materials and labour hours that are necessary to complete the project to a suitable and efficient standard. The more space that you need to extend outwards, the additional raw materials and labour hours that are needed to complete the project.

Manchester Loft Converters are one the of largest Manchester loft conversion companies within the area. We provide loft conversions in Manchester that are reliable and efficient. We provide our cost-effective loft conversions in Manchester, ​Trafford, Moston, Pendlebury, Swinton, Eccles, Droylsden, Rusholme, Burnage, Salford, Failsworth, Cheetham Hill, Stretford, Prestwich, Withington and many more.


How long does a Mansard loft conversion take to complete in Manchester?

​Mansard loft conversions are large enough to be considered the same as a home extension or addition because of the amount of potential space and the scope of the overall project. The size of a mansard loft conversion and the overall construction work that is necessary to complete the project means the overall timescale of a loft conversion is relatively large. In the city of Manchester, the average mansard loft conversion would take 8 weeks to complete, because of the amount of construction work. Realistically, a mansard loft conversion in Manchester could take 6 – 12 weeks at the most depending on your specific project. We provide our Manchester loft conversion services for home owners in the city of Manchester and the surrounding areas. If you are considering a loft conversion in Manchester, then contact us today.


Other benefits to a Mansard loft conversion

The extra benefit of a mansard loft conversion is the versatility and options you now have with the added size and space. As the extra space will be so large, you can add more than just one room. Depending on how wide your home or property is, you can add a new bedroom and a new bathroom rather than just one or the other. This will also mean you can have a relatively large bedroom and bathroom together rather than just a medium sized loft room. You could add a gym and a study housed next door too if you would like, and the extra size really makes the options endless. Some would even choose to have both a wet room and a bathroom to be next door.

Mansard loft conversions are best in homes that are terraced, because you would usually have less space for an ordinary loft conversion. Terraced houses mean that you will not have the option to have a hip to gable conversion and that alone will mean you lose out on some space. At the same time, the mansard conversion not only solves that issue but also allows you to add more space than you may need. They are not just used for terraced houses however, and despite what type of property you have you will be able to benefit from having a mansard loft conversion due to the size difference it will make.

If you are looking for a large spaced loft conversion in the Manchester, United Kingdom area or surrounding areas such as Trafford, Moston, Pendlebury, Swinton, Eccles, Droylsden, Rusholme, Burnage, Salford, Failsworth, Cheetham Hill, Stretford, Prestwich, Withington or others, then contact us now. We can work out some of the specifics with you and give you a free, non-obligatory quote today. Give us a call on 01614109870 or fill out the form on the top of the page!