One of the more refined and common services that we provide to our customers in the Manchester area are loft renovations. These renovations can be extremely important for someone’s home in terms of comfort and improved living space and even for the property value increase. A renovation is a relatively simple task compared to a loft conversion, since the construction part of the process is already completed. The renovation itself can be many several services.

Some may prefer their loft conversion renovated into a new room, while other customers may want their renovation to be specifically the design and colour scheme of the room itself. This would include all furnishings within the room and all additions and fixtures. This comes down to what the customer would like us to complete and what work they would like done to their loft. We do this in the Manchester area, and the surrounding areas of Manchester such as Pendlebury, Failsworth, Cheetham Hill, Burnage, Salford, Trafford, Droylsden, Rusholme, Moston, Withington, Stretford, Prestwich, Swinton, Eccles and others.


Why would I renovate my loft?

With many of our customers loft renovations, they would like the rooms to be completely changed from their original function. Sometimes, they may have originally converted their loft to become a gaming theatre or home cinema, and over time they decide to have a more practical or usable loft within their home. They may decide to make those same hobby rooms become a bedroom and bathroom instead. Some would do this to rent out their loft room as an apartment for students and professionals, or even as a guest room or for growing families to house new children. Others may decide that they would like to add an extra bedroom for when they sell their home, increasing the overall useful living space and therefore property value for a significant sum.

Luckily for the customers, these renovations are relatively simple to make and do not cost as much as you may believe. If the loft had been converted into one large room, a wall partition or a wall build may be all that’s necessary in terms of the construction itself, unless we need to add windows and a few other additions. If you are looking to do the opposite, a simple wall known down is possible without causing any structural damage and can be done both efficiently and professionally. The other concerns regarding the renovation at this period would be the furniture’s and the finishing’s that are required to make sure that those loft renovations are done with your vision in mind. This will make sure that the ideas you have come to life.

Manchester Loft Conversion - Loft Renovations Manchester
Manchester Loft Conversion - Manchester Loft Renovations

Other customers may want to keep the room conversion they already have, and instead would like to update the features, additions or general style of the room. Some may decide they would like the bedrooms they already must be more elegant and stylish, while others may believe they would like their conversion to become much more homely and comfortable. This is a personal preference that changes for customers over time, but that is one of the benefits to using a loft renovation company such as us. We can ensure that all changes you would like to make can be done more than once without risking any potential aesthetic or structural damages to your property.

We can make the necessary changes to your loft conversion that you have in mind, which includes everything from new flooring and new wall paints all the way to new furniture and lighting fixtures. Since we have a dedicated team of electricians and plumbers, any structural changes that need to be made can be done so with ease. This will ensure that your new renovated loft will stay insulated and the utilities themselves are not compromised in any way. It is important to note that if you are struggling for ideas or specifics in relation to the details and general design of your room, we are aware of countless different suppliers that can help you choose anything from a new door handle to a new faucet, while providing hundreds of different options for you.

If your home is within the Manchester area or surrounding areas such as Pendlebury, Failsworth, Cheetham Hill, Burnage, Salford, Trafford, Stretford, Prestwich, Swinton, Eccles, Droylsden, Rusholme, Moston, Withington or others, then contact us now. Give us a call on 01614109870 or fill out the form on the top of the page and we will be able to give you a non-obligatory free quote.