​Customers who decide to get their loft extended for the most part want to make sure they get as much space as possible, which has become something which Manchester Loft Converters often comes across in Manchester, United Kingdom and Droylsden, Prestwich, Pendlebury, Failsworth, Swinton, Eccles​, Salford, Stretford and other places all the time. This is in fact why it is important for you to know that we convert the lofts that you already have into beautifully designed spaces to the top standards you wish. If you have any ideas for a design or any changes that you would also like us to undergo we also will.

Reasons for a loft extension

The majority growing families or even just newer families prefer to add new bedrooms to their homes using their lofts to accommodate any new arrivals. This is due to it being much cheaper to extend or convert the loft they have than it is to relocate properties completely, with also increasing property value for the future. Others would just like a new space and room they can devote some of their interests and hobbies to. That’s why we dedicate our careers to make that dream become a reality, while also making sure the entire project is as easy and stress free for you as possible. We can also assist you from the design to the planning, all the way to calculations, construction of the loft and completion.

Customers of ours who have converted their lofts already request a loft extension for it to be extended in overall size, while some customers will just want to add another level on top of the loft that they have already had converted. This has become a service we have been requested to complete so many times, we have now begun to offer this as a service that only we provide (if we are able).

Something that you may also need to remember is your loft will need to be able to fit the extension. This is due to the fact you may not be able to add an entire new floor to your loft due to the size limitations of your roof. If the space is unavailable it may not be entirely possible without removing your roof entirely.

There is however a significant number of ways that your loft might be extended and for the most part two lofts aren’t always the same after factoring in size and needs. While space might be an issue, your design ideas and vision could possibly mean that we can work around any of those possible limitations. Please do let us know any possible features or additions that you would want us to include, or any possible design ideas and preferences you may already have so we can try to get it done!

Manchester Loft Conversion - Loft Extensions Manchester
Manchester Loft Conversion - Loft Extensions in Manchester

A lot of customers instead prefer to add new rooms to their properties such as a new bedroom which is a feature that families request to accommodate any new arrivals on the way. When a family has a new child to introduce, space always starts to become a problem for that family and it is generally cheaper for you to accommodate the growth with a loft conversion rather than buying a whole new property with another bedroom. If this is sounds like your family (or will be), then this is something you need to think about, but if not please do not hesitate to contact us with any other uses for the loft!

We have a team of talented, creative people here in Manchester Loft Converters who would jump at the opportunity to show how creative they are! Any additions for your loft such as skylights can be installed into to your loft, or even just windows for natural glow to enter the room. Another addition to your loft which is a bit more uncommon is to add an elegant Juliet balcony to the loft. Fitting in a new staircase is always a possibility too. Another relatively in demand choice is simply introducing new furniture for your loft, or lighting fixtures, electrical and otherwise! We are also able to include storage space within your new room if possible using alcoves or storage slots.

There are many customers who prefer to turn their loft into a games room rather than creating a bedroom. This does depend on the size and length of the loft itself and the resources which we have been provided with. As well as this, we could also add any other feature you may like.

One type of example would be that we can create a video game room but instead with a home-theatre set up. We are also able to include simpler, smaller additions for you such as foosball tables or other gaming tables. More features are also very easy to add if you want them!

It is even a possibility for us to turn the loft into a second bathroom to include in the home. At times in the past we have even turned their lofts into a steam and sauna room. Anything else that you would like to add to the converted loft is entirely dependent on what resources we have available and the room layout, but otherwise it does just come down to whatever you as the customer would like in the room. If you are looking to extend your current loft or convert your loft in Manchester, United Kingdom and the surrounding areas of Trafford, Stretford, Prestwich, Swinton, Eccles, Droylsden, Rusholme, Moston, Pendlebury, Failsworth, Cheetham Hill, Burnage, Salford, Withington etc please contact us! Fill out the form or call us today on 01614109870!