Loft Conversions Salford

Loft Conversion Salford

Since we work in the city of Manchester, it is only natural that we also service customers in the surrounding areas of Manchester too. One of the areas that we also service is Salford. We have had many customers within the Salford area who have recently been asking common questions regarding loft conversions such as the average time it would take to complete a loft conversion, and the average cost for a loft conversion depending on the type of conversion that you want to begin. These are very common questions for customers in Salford and other areas, but we thought it best to direct a specific post to those within the community ourselves. We will be going through general average prices for each loft conversion type based on previous projects that we have completed in the past, meaning that these are specific to us. We cannot provide an average for other companies!

Cost of a mansard loft conversion Salford?

​The first loft conversion and probably the most popular loft conversion option for home owners in Salford is the mansard conversion. Since it allows you to extend the most space within your loft during construction, it is only natural that this would be the most popular within the area. The average price of a mansard conversion in Salford, Manchester is £35,000. The average price ranges we have seen for a mansard conversion in Salford, Manchester is anywhere between £30,000 – £50,000. This depends largely on the project that you would like to begin, and most of the budget goes into the labour and raw materials costs to ensure completion of the project. Since they can provide the home owner with an additional 3 – 4 rooms altogether, it is clear to see why it would be such a large investment. However, it also provides home owners with the largest ROI.

Hip to gable and dormer loft conversions Salford

​Another extremely popular loft conversion option for home owners within Salford, Manchester is the hip to gable loft conversion. Since many homes within the Salford area have the slant within the roof and wall that makes the hip to gable suitable for your property, it has become the most viable and suitable for home owners to pursue. The average hip to gable loft conversion in Salford would cost £19,000, with the average price ranging anywhere from £16,000 – £25,000. Once again, most of the budget is factored in for raw materials and labour costs. Since there is a slight amount of construction necessary to complete this loft conversion compared to the other options, it is naturally the cheapest. If your current loft space is large enough, it also means that you could maximise space without necessarily needing to extend your loft like a dormer or mansard.

Finally, a dormer loft conversion is the last loft conversion available for home owners within Salford, Manchester. A dormer loft conversion is very beneficial for homeowners within Salford specifically for two reasons. A dormer would allow you to perform a hip to gable loft conversion while performing a dormer conversion, allowing you to maximise your loft space while also building an extension. The second benefit to a dormer is the option to have the dormer itself protrude either on the side of your roof, or behind your property. This makes it suitable for both detached and demi-detached properties alike. A dormer loft conversion in Salford, Manchester could cost anywhere from £20,000 – £35,000. On average, a dormer loft conversion in Salford costs £27,500 which has been largely dependent on the project itself. This keeps the dormer in the middle price ranges.

The price of a loft conversion in Salford, Manchester largely depends on the project that you need to complete. It is only natural that the more construction would that is required to complete a project, the more that you would need to invest. That is why you should not take the averages of our previously completed projects as a literal figure and rather as a ballpark, so when you are being consulted on your loft conversion you could know what prices to look for. I hope you enjoyed todays post, and if you have please check out some of our previous blog posts!

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