Loft Conversions Around Manchester

How much does a loft conversion cost in Manchester?

​While we have briefly touched upon some previous loft conversions that we have completed in the Manchester area, we will in the future be going into more information about each specific loft conversion and important pieces of information to be aware about. In today’s post, we will do the same but give some brief outlines in terms of average prices for each loft conversion. Often, we are asked about the prices of loft conversions, and although we offer average prices and comparisons, the truth really comes down to the size and scope of the project. For the most part, no loft conversion is the same and it is difficult for us as a responsible and professional company to give an average price as a quotation. So, we will attempt to give you an idea of how much a loft conversion may cost in the city of Manchester.

Cost of a hip to gable loft conversion in Manchester?

​A hip to gable loft conversion in the city of Manchester will on average be £20,000, but can range anywhere realistically from £16,000 – £25,000. A hip to gable loft conversion is smaller than dormer and mansard loft conversions, making this the financially cheapest option available. It does not require the same amount of raw materials, nor does it require the same amount or labour hours and manpower to complete as a dormer loft conversion. Since there isn’t a large extension like the other options, you would also not need to apply for planning permission to complete. You should note that within this cost does come limitations. A hip to gable is only suitable to certain properties that have slanted roof and wall connections, so ensure that your property is suitable before choosing a hip to gable rather than a more suitable loft conversion for your property.

Cost of a dormer loft conversion in Manchester?

​A dormer loft conversion is a medium sized loft conversion, and the average cost to complete a dormer would be £25,000. This again has a general price band of £20,000 – £30,000 depending on the project that you would like to be completed. It would be natural for the price to be higher or lower than that of the average price and the price band due to variations in the project itself, and the size differences of what you would like completed. If you would like a larger dormer conversion, then you may also have to apply for planning permission before you can actively pursue a dormer loft conversion as a viable project. Once again, the conversion itself is factored by the raw materials and the overall labour hours that it would take to sufficiently and safely complete the dormer conversion. There may also be a fluctuation depending on the overall size of the project and any additions or fixtures that you would like us to complete such as a Juliet balcony.

Cost of a mansard loft conversion in Manchester?

​A mansard loft conversion is the largest loft conversion option available to a homeowner, and can be suitable for the majority of properties. The average cost for a mansard conversion is £35,000, with the prices ranging anywhere between £25,000 – £45,000. Please do note, it can very easily go above the price band that we have seen on average if you are looking for a large mansard conversion. Some home owners choose to pursue a project that would add 4 rooms or more, and if the size of the overall mansard means a large investment in materials and a longer completion time, then the overall cost increasing is to be expected. Mansard conversions also require planning permission for the most part, since the overall size of a mansard loft conversion can be very large.

If you are looking for a loft conversion in Manchester, then these are the average prices that we are aware of as of now. This information was concluded from years of working and completing loft conversion projects around the city of Manchester, and should not be taken as a definitive answer on how much it would cost to complete your specific project. I would always advise having a company such as Manchester Loft Converters to visit and survey your loft to give you a specific quote before deciding upon the project. I hope you enjoyed today’s post, and please make sure you read the next one!

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