Hip To Gable Loft Conversions In Trafford

Hip to Gable loft conversions in Trafford

​While it is not the most common or requested loft conversion services within the Trafford area, we at Manchester Loft Converters believe that hip to gable loft conversions are extremely suitable for homes within the Trafford area. Since the shape and construction of many homes in the Trafford area are relatively slanted from the connection to the roof, a hip to gable loft conversion is very suitable for these homes to maximise as much loft space as possible without compromising on the project that you would like completed. Since the average Trafford home itself is also relatively large, there is a decent amount of loft space that is already featured within the property itself. On average, I believe every Trafford home has the loft space for a hip to gable to create 2 – 3 different rooms depending on what your needs are and what you would like to do with the rooms themselves.

Here at Manchester Loft Converters, we have completed a few different hip to gable loft conversions within Trafford this year alone. We find that the customers who are looking for a bedroom and bathroom combination set from their loft conversion benefit most using a hip to gable loft conversion in Trafford. Due to the average size of the loft within each home, it should provide enough space for a large bedroom along with the bathroom also. The average hip to gable loft conversion that we have completed within Trafford have generally been of the same price range and average price, and taking relatively the same amount of time to complete. We wanted to give our customers some more information regarding the average costs and timescales for our customers in Trafford too so they know what they should be looking at roughly.

How much does a hip to gable loft conversion cost in Trafford?

​The average cost of a hip to gable within the Trafford area can be anywhere from £16,000 – £25,000, however we have found that the average cost of the hip to gable loft conversion itself in Trafford is £19,000. The more expensive hip to gable loft conversions have been because of the specifications of the loft conversion itself. Some customers often get specific fixtures or additions installed within the loft itself along within the loft conversion due to personal preference such as fish tanks of a larger nature of home cinemas, which require additional construction work to be completed correctly. With the lower costing loft conversion prices, this is often because they wanted the absolute basics to be completed within their loft, and the loft itself was relatively small, being able to only fit one or possibly 2 rooms within the conversion itself. I would also not use these average prices as a specific example of what you should be paying for your conversion too.

How long does a hip to gable loft conversion take in Trafford?

​The average time scale of a hip to gable loft conversion within the Trafford area is relatively reasonable. The average hip to gable loft conversion in Trafford could take anywhere between 3 – 6 weeks from the start of construction to finish, with the average loft conversion taking 4 ½ weeks to complete in Trafford. This is a reasonable completion rate when compared to the city of Manchester and the United Kingdom. The overall timescale of the project can fluctuate depending on how far your location is compared to us and our employees also. If you are further than we would expect, then the actual process itself may take a few extra days to complete as we would have to miss a few hours here and there compared to a project that was in a closer location. However, this would be a rarity and should not be considered as a common occurrence.

I hope you enjoyed todays blog post by Manchester Loft Converters. Trafford is a very important part of Manchester for us to provide our services in because it is a very important part of Manchester. We have completed many projects within the Trafford area and we hope we can continue providing our loft conversion services to those within Trafford.

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