Hip to Gable Loft Conversions In Manchester

​Recently we completed a hip to gable loft conversion in the city of Manchester that was entirely dedicated to hobbies. If you’ve looked through our services or our website then you would notice that this is something we often complete, but this conversion was cool and enjoyable to take part in as a loft conversion company and we would love to follow something like this again. The loft itself was to be used as a giant games room that was roughly the size of a standard Manchester living room. While we will get into the specifics of the project and the room itself, I would have to say that as a loft conversion, Manchester needs to construct more rooms that are entirely devoted to the home owner rather than to just raise the price of a home.

The loft conversion itself

The loft itself was a standard one room loft that was relatively big, but we cut the rooms design into two sections. The first section was the video game section while the second was board, card and arcade games. The video game side was specific to console games and a gaming computer, while the other side was anything that was related to either physical games or more old-fashioned games. I thought that this was a relatively diverse design in the loft itself, and the usability of the room is very high if these types of things pique your interest. Both sides of the room had cool features that I thought were a lot of fun and really entertaining, and it almost made me feel that I should do it with my own home so I can experience the same type of room!

The video game side of the loft conversion was pretty more towards what I would enjoy. Being a hip to gable loft conversion, there wasn’t need to extend the loft in any way like a dormer or mansard conversion. Luckily, the overall design of the loft was more than realistic to follow and considering only a few select items filled a larger amount of space within the loft conversion, it was easy to re-position the larger items to ensure that they didn’t cut off space. It also meant that since most items didn’t take up a lot of floor space, we didn’t have to partition the loft in any way to cut off each side of the room. We could seamlessly contrast the two sides of the room using different carpentry, wallpaper and overall design.

Completed Hip to Gable loft conversion in Manchester

The video game side of the loft I was more jealous of. The actual setup had a large 65” 4K television mounted to the wall that looked like the size of me connected to multiple videogame consoles. That alone was impressive when you think of how large the TV is in a practical sense. What made it even better was the large couch we also placed in front with a coffee table or food and drinks. We added a few similar armchairs to the sides of the couch and placed a minibar to the corner of the room for any beverages. The idea of making the video game side so large was so the homeowner can play video games with any friends and visitors of the home. Having a whole room that is comfortable and designed for video games would make the experience better too! On the right of the video game consoles and parallel to the mini bar was also the gaming computer. I don’t know much about the specs, but for Manchester I do know that it is above average price. We just made sure that the finishing touches of this side of the room was video-game related on the walls and decoration.

The other half of the room featured items such as a snooker table, air hockey table and a chess board table. This was still a very interesting and enjoyable side of the room, with a dart table also being placed on the wall next to the door. The other interesting thing we made sure when performing the loft conversion is to leave enough creative space for the wall. With the video-game side there was decorations, but unfortunately, we hadn’t been supplied for the decorations on the other side.

We perform many loft conversions in Manchester, but this may have been one of my favourite. As a Manchester loft conversion company, we enjoy customer satisfaction the most! Also, if you haven’t had the chance yet, please check out our blog post on the dormer loft conversions in Manchester!

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