Dormer Loft Conversions In Manchester

​One of the highest requested services within the Manchester area is surprisingly a dormer conversion due to the option to maximise space within the loft using a hip to gable loft conversion, while extending additional space using a dormer loft conversion. Many customers understand that while it does not provide the large amount of space a mansard loft conversion would give, if customers in the Manchester area require a minimal amount of additional space the dormer conversion is the most suitable option.

A dormer conversion in Manchester is very common because of the shapes of the homes themselves. Often, the homes are either build on corners of roads making it impossible to extend more than one way unless you extend into your own garden, and the homes are commonly built so close to other homes that boundary disputes often begin. With a dormer loft conversion, it is difficult to envisage a dispute regarding boundary disputes since the dormer itself does not reach as far as a home extension. This makes the dormer conversion a flexible and very suitable alternative to the common home extension, since you can make use of the loft that is currently gathering dust while also gaining a bit of extra space on top!

Do you need a dormer loft conversion in Manchester?

As a Manchester loft conversion company that has been established for a considerable amount of time, we have already had the fortune to complete several dormer loft conversions within the area. We receive many referrals from previous customers that we have worked with in the past because of our skill, being the best company providing a loft conversions Manchester has. We can complete so many loft conversions because of a great team behind us. This includes all our employees but I also think that it includes our suppliers, who are consistently delivering the raw materials that we need for us with short notice if necessary. Since we can rely on such a professional and quite frankly high-quality team from top to bottom, we do our utmost to translate that into the loft conversion projects we receive.

Midway through 2017, there were a reported 1,000 loft conversions completed in the city of Manchester. Over 400 of these were dormer conversions, which makes them the staple of loft conversions within the area. Of these 400, we have had the pleasure to work or be involved in many them. I would disclose the exact number, but for confidentiality reasons it’s probably best that I don’t!

Important information regarding dormer loft conversions in Manchester

​Some of these dormer conversions have been a bit tricky, however. Without naming customers or specifics, we have had customers who decided to change their mind in the last second about the conversion that they would like. Whether it was through budgeting reasons or last-minute change of hearts about what they really wanted within their conversion and realising that the restrictions of the current conversion plans means that it is impossible, changes are made. Usually they are not this drastic, but when they are, we would always recommend a dormer conversion. You can work around the shape and size of a dormer conversion so that you do not have to apply for planning permission to undergo the project, which is one of the main concerns of many customers. If there is a room they are desperate to complete, then it’s best to go for a dormer since it would allow both the space that you need while also allowing us to complete the project in a shorter amount of time than a mansard would take.

The dormer itself is beneficial in Manchester for an additional reason. Since most Manchester homes are built with a slant on the side where the roof connects to the wall, a hip to gable becomes a feasible and suitable option. When combined with a dormer conversion, the additional space that you receive from the collective conversion is much larger than if you were to opt for one or the other. This is something you should definitely consider if you were thinking of getting a conversion other than a mansard.

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