Here at Manchester Loft Converters, we have had many years’ experience converting all types of lofts. We have performed mansard loft conversions for customers who are looking for an extension and to add as much space within their loft as possible, and we have also completed many hip to gable lofts to maximise as much space within the loft as possible without having to extend the loft outwards. With a dormer conversion, you can receive the best of both worlds from the loft conversions. Designed to utilize as much space currently inside your loft, it also allows for an extension that will provide you with enough space to even add a second bedroom or bathroom.

​This makes a dormer loft conversion more suitable and practical for those who are not looking to overspend on their budget unnecessarily. We provide our dormer loft conversion services in locations such as Droylsden, Cheetham Hill, Stretford, Trafford, Moston, Pendlebury, Rusholme, Burnage, Salford, Failsworth, Swinton, Eccles, Prestwich, Withington  and many others in the Manchester area.


Information about Dormer Loft Conversions

Dormer loft conversions are not as expensive as mansards nor as cheap as a hip to gable conversion, but the dormer provides extremely important benefits regarding both the usability and comfort of your home and the value of your property. A dormer conversion allows you to maximise the space that you currently have in your loft while also increasing it by extending what is almost an L-shape into the top of your roof. This will allow you to have added space that could even allow you to add another room within your loft that would not otherwise be able. With this added space, you can fit a bathroom and create a bedroom and bathroom on the top of your home, creating a larger living space. You could also create a larger hobby room to fit your needs inside. The fittings of the loft conversion itself is not restricted by the conversion itself, rather the space that is available in the loft.

A dormer loft conversion can also take a shorter amount of time as a mansard loft conversion, even if it does create an extension. The overall costs and time that it takes to complete a dormer conversion as opposed to the mansard conversion is that there is a smaller amount of overall space that needs to be converted and extended, and the roof itself will not need to be amended too much. The average price difference between a hip to gable conversion and a dormer and mansard conversion is usually £10,000 either way. The cheapest being a hip to gable conversion, with the most expensive being a mansard loft conversion. The average time for a dormer loft conversion completion is around 6-10 weeks depending on the size, additions and features that you would also like us to carry out.

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How much does a Dormer loft conversion cost in Manchester?

Manchester Loft Converters have become one of the most reliable and professional companies that provide loft conversions in Manchester. That has allowed us to work on multiple loft conversions monthly. One of the loft conversion alternatives that we work on regularly are dormer loft conversions. They are the second largest loft conversion options available, and are becoming increasingly more common due to the versatility that they provide home owners. They allow you to maximise loft space and extend outwards through the back or side of your home. The extension however, means that they are automatically more expensive than hip to gable loft conversions due to the extension in space they provide. Dormer loft conversions also allow you to add multiple rooms within your loft because of the additional space.

Within the city of Manchester and surrounding areas, the cost of a dormer loft conversion would be £27,500. They could also cost anywhere from £20,000 - £35,000 from the start to finish of construction. The variations in prices are mainly due to the raw materials and labour hours that may be required to complete a specific project. Since some dormer loft conversions extend outwards to a significant extent, it means that more raw materials and labour hours are used to complete the project in a safe and efficient way. This unfortunately means the overall budget would need to increase.

Here at Manchester Loft Converters, we provide the best Manchester loft conversions in the area. We provide loft conversions in Manchester that are cost-effective and reliable. We work in Manchester, Droylsden, Cheetham Hill, Stretford, Trafford, Moston, Pendlebury, Rusholme, Burnage, Salford, Failsworth, Swinton, Eccles, Prestwich, Withington and many more. If you are in need of a loft conversion company in Manchester, then call us today!

How long does a Dormer loft conversion take to complete in Manchester?

​Dormer loft conversions are relatively large, being the second largest of all loft conversion options available to home owners in the city of Manchester. Dormer loft conversions can also vary wildly in size and scope of each individual project, meaning that the overall time for project completion can be larger than expected. In general, dormer loft conversions could take 4 – 8 weeks to complete from planning to the end of construction, and the average dormer loft conversion within the city of Manchester and surrounding areas can take 6 weeks. If you are in Manchester and you have been considering a dormer loft conversion, then contact Manchester Loft Converters today. We provide dormer loft conversions for customers in Manchester, and the surrounding areas. We are professional, reliable and efficient.

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